Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Highlights

It's been fun to do a re-cap of the highlights each month here on the blog and look back at how the year went. (It's also crazy to see how much the girls have changed!)

I decided to do two different Best Nine - one of just the girls and one with family pictures. I love them both! #2017bestnine

And here's the monthly highlights -


We said goodbye to family visiting and then took advantage of the snow in Baku and in the mountains by taking the girls sledding in Shahdag for the first time. It took longer to dress them then they spent outside, but Madi has continued to ask about trying to ski so she will do lessons this January when we go back.


It was a quiet month with me going out of town one weekend for a retreat and getting some hiking in to see a frozen waterfall. We celebrated Valentine's Day with cards for Madi's classmates and got prepared to move houses within Baku at the end of the month.


We changed houses just days before celebrating Novruz, a traditional Azeri holiday, Jason's birthday, and then flying off to Singapore for holiday. So basically it was a pretty quiet month - ha!


We got to spend Easter with fellow Believers and enjoy a delicious meal and spent the rest of the month settling into our new house, meeting neighbors, and having visitors in Baku.


This month was a bit hectic - I was starting to plan for a join birthday party in June for the girls plus had two trips. I attended and helped organize a Women's Retreat and then my friend Tricia and I visited Amsterdam and Kiev towards the end of the month.


Chaos. We attended Formula One, explored around Azerbaijan, had a massive joint Jungle Birthday party before everyone left for the summer, and Madi turned four. The party was so much fun to plan and execute and I thankful after everything went off without a hitch.


We had a small bbq with neighbors for the Fourth of July, celebrated Evelyn and Olivia turning two, and then flew to America for six weeks. We started in Houston before heading up to Oklahoma City for most of the following month (part one and part two).


Jason met me in OKC and then we headed to Colorado where we got to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary at The Melting Pot, where we had our rehearsal dinner. We got to see all of our family gathered one last time for Evelyn and Olivia's baptism. We stayed with family in League City while we finished up our shopping and flew out just at Hurricane Harvey was moving towards Houston.


This month was literally all about Azerbaijan. The weather was fantastic so we spent a long weekend camping in Long Forest (the girls first time tent camping!), day trips to Besh Barmag and Candy Cane Mountains, another long weekend in Lahic, and finally attending our first Azeri Wedding!


This month had a couple trips outside Azerbaijan. First Madi and I went on a short trip to Antalya for some solo time together. Towards the end of the month took family photos with the lovely fall colors and then headed to Cyprus over Madi's school break. We also celebrated Halloween and enjoyed time lots of time outside with light jackets.


The best part of this month was my mom's visit to Baku. She had time vacation she needed to use and purchased tickets to leave just a few days later! We decided to keep it a secret from the girls and their reunion when she got home from school that day was priceless. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and then headed to Dubai before our resident visas in Baku expired.


We started the month out in Dubai and my mom left from there to head back to the US. We headed back to Baku shortly after and Madi finished up the school term. We've been on break since then busying ourselves with crafts, potty training, and battling colds/coughs/teething. We had a wonderful Christmas and December.

Overall 2017 was a lovely year! We are so happy in our new house and it's a much better layout for us. We've enjoyed the trips we've gotten to take this year (inside Azerbaijan and abroad) and especially the time we got to spend with family while we were in America. We're sad to see you go 2017, but excited to welcome 2018!

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