Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween! Today would have been my grandmother's 91st birthday if she hadn't passed away earlier this month. We are missing her, but grateful that we will see her again in Heaven one day! She would have loved to see the girls and all their Halloween fun.

We got to attend two Trunk or Treat events. The first was at the International School of Stavanger last weekend. We arrived back from Copenhagen, took naps, and then headed out with the girls for some candy!

Then yesterday we were invited to attend the Trunk or Treat event at the NATO base. Madi had fun getting more candy and playing games with her friend Molly! Molly has a younger sister Ellie who is close to Evelyn and Olivia's age and the babies hung out while their big sisters got candy.

We hope you have a fabulous Halloween and enjoy trick or treating tonight!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Copenhagen and Malmo!

This past weekend we took our first flight as a family of five! We jumped on a short non-stop flight to Copenhagen with our friend Kara and her five month old Levi. So if you are doing the math that three adults, one toddler, and three babies under six months. Crazy right? Totally. Was the trip worth it? Absolutely. All of the kiddos were incredibly well-behaved, surprising us greatly and making our excuse to drink every night less valid. Oh well.

We stayed at an apartment we found on Air BNB close to the Copenhagen Central Station. It was a great location for us since it was easy to get to and from the airport, our train ride to Sweden, and near the main tourist sites. The location was a bit noisy in the evenings, but it was spacious and worked for our group.

We arrived Thursday night and grabbed Dunkin Donuts at the train station because why not. We also refrained from getting Starbucks until the morning. Practicing self control. Plus we were all pretty exhausted... Evelyn fell asleep with her bib over her face while we were unpacking. Whoops.

The next morning we hit up Starbucks before heading to the zoo. Madi had fun seeing the animals and playing on the playground. Her favorite? The prairie dogs.


Afterwards we met back up with Kara and Levi and walked around Copenhagen, slowly making our way to Nyhavn. We stopped at the Christiansborg Palace and took a picture by the statue that's on the Starbucks Copenhagen mug.

We continued on to Church of our Savior and Madi and I climbed the spiral staircase to get a great overview of the city! And quite a workout carrying her up all those stairs.

We got to Nyhavn and bought tickets to go on a canal tour. It was neat to see the city from the water and go through the all the bridges, which were a tight squeeze sometimes! We also got to see the cannons go off from Holmen, a rare occurence.

We grabbed a delicous American dinner at TGI Fridays and were incredibly impressed with their helpfulness and service for our large and complicated party of seven.

The next morning we got a train to Malmo, Sweden. But not before visiting Dunkin Donuts again. Madi asked Daddy and Ms Kara to make cheesy smiles...

Then silly smiles...

Then she copied them! While covered in chocolate and sprinkles. :-)

We walked around the city center and saw the City Hall building and St Peter's church.

We took up a bit of space trying to navigate through the cities with three strollers... not to mention on the train and inside restaurants. We definitely got some looks from people. (And were accused of stealing babies at 5:30 am on our day of departure because really, who has three strollers out that early in the morning.) Anyway, it reminded me of the beginning of one of my favorite songs.

"They see me rollin
They hatin"

We also made a stop to Starbucks - because that was 60% of the reason we hopped over to Sweden anyway. New mug! Plus we needed somewhere to feed the babies! Madi didn't mind since she got her own mini chocolatey chip frap.

We headed back to the apartment for a break and to let the babies out of the stroller. Levi put the moves on both of the twins and Jason was not happy about it. I mean honestly Levi - holding Evelyn's hand, but caressing Olivia?! Not cool little buddy. Not cool. ;-)

Then we headed to Tivoli, a shopping, restaurant, and amusement park attraction. It was decorated for Halloween and neat to see (albeit incredibly crowded...recall the three strollers pictured above?) We took some pictures, let Madi ride the carousel and train, and then peaced out to visit Hard Rock Cafe for one more American meal before calling it a night.

The next morning we had an early flight to head home. The girls were not happy to be up so early - ha!

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