Monday, September 30, 2019

September Craziness

As I was going through the pictures for this month's post I was surprised at how many I have taken. However, then I remembered we had five birthday parties, lots of playdates, and getting underway with school activities and overall it was a pretty busy month. [If you want to keep up with more day-to-day activities then Instagram is the best option as I've started trying to post more Stories on there.]

  1. The girls had a sweet reunion with some of their best friends for a playdate. 
  2. Loving their pho noodle soup!
  3. Ice cream with friends we hadn't seen since before summer.
  4. Followed by the trampoline park to burn off the energy. 
  5. Love this shot of Olivia!
  6. Evy helping Dad make almond butter. Yum!
  7. Cat in a small tray. So awkward.
  8. The most stressful night of September. Painting. I was very good at the wine portion.
  9. Madi's new classroom door decor. 

  1. Madi lost her second tooth!
  2. This month Jason took each girl out on a different Saturday for a Daddy-Daughter date. Here's Evy having breakfast.
  3. Madi also had breakfast with Daddy.
  4. Liv ended up going for lunch and ice cream.
  5. Each of the girls picked out something for their sisters (and me) on their date. These are the roses we got on one of them. 
  6. Madi has started doing math and statistics at school. Clearly winning the recessive gene pool over here with our ginger hair and O- blood type - ha!
  7. Fun lego glasses after a birthday party.
  8. Roasted tomatoes to start a new batch of salsa.
  9. And the salsa is ready to sell!

  1. Loved this cute drawing I saw outside Madi's classroom.
  2. Sweet friends.
  3. Playdate with neighbor and Madi.
  4. While Liv shows her new friend the wall mural.
  5. Fun playdate with these girls!
  6. Such a lovely birthday party for this sweet friend.
  7. Madi and her friend's matching face paint.
  8. Pool party!
  9. Because clearly the roof is the best place to eat your snow cone. 

  1. It was a long month. That required sustenance. 
  2. Twins trying out a yoga class.
  3. Yard work to wear them out on the weekend.
  4. Cheese curls - sooo good!
  5. This girl - she gave us quite the scare this month and we aren't sure we are out of the woods yet with her. Four times in three and a half weeks she woke up in the middle of the night throwing up. We did blood test, stool samples, and have started a food journal to try and see what's going on. So far she hasn't been sick in a couple of weeks, but we still have no clue what was causing the illness and why it was always in the middle of the night and then she'd be fine the following day. :-/
  6. Bible study started up again which I am so thankful for because I need that routine and accountability. 
  7. So awkward CeCe. Now I have to wash literally all the girls soft socks and slippers.
  8. Teaching time at home. 
  9. I came upstairs while making dinner to check on them and Madi had bathed herself and was washing her sister's hair. Granted she was using conditioner rather than shampoo, but I'm still classifying this as a total #momwin

  1. Best friends. :-)
  2. These girls had a "pretend" sleepover. {Pajamas and late night, but then going home with Mom and Dad}. They wore matching pajamas like their big sisters.
  3. We decorated cupcakes and had pancakes for dinner.
  4. The first PSL of the season. In 105 F.
  5. Part of the expat life is goodbyes and this month a sweet friend left to move back to the US.
  6. Evy the puzzle master.
  7. Madi's diverse class - love it!
  8. Her presentation on the Fourth of July for the Cultural Celebration they are doing this month.
  9. We snuck away for a date night before Life Group. 

There was a 50% discount deal to visit the Aqua Park so we decided to do that once more with friends. We love these two families dearly and are so thankful to have found them in Doha! All of our kids get along well and so do all of us as couples. Looking forward to more adventures together this year. :-)


Sunday, September 1, 2019

August Update!

We arrived back in Doha after our summer in America (Part 1 and Part 2) and celebrated our 11th anniversary. We had about a week and a half of summer left before school started and we tried to make the most of it!

Our first stop was Kidzmondo to take advantage of their buy one, get one free promotion. We visited with two other families and literally had to drag the kids away after eight hours because we were starving and the husbands were waiting for us at the restaurant. They had a blast!

The rest of our time before school was spent re-training the cats (who took advantage of our absence this summer) and playing with their besties. We also visited the Qatar National Library for the first time.

The last week in August the girls had their first day at International School of London (ISL). We realized this is their third school in two years and we are thankful they have been so amazing with the changes and have adjusted wonderfully. We are looking forward to this being our school for the next few years!

The girls had more playdates, I had some coffee dates, and we got to have brunch with friends, do some baking, and lots of laughter and playing. We also had breakfast for dinner. :-)

We filled the last week of August with another visit to library, a cat who wanted to be left alone, a good reminder for our family, Thursday night pizza movie night, celebrating a friend's birthday, and family card nights.

We finished out the month with a visit to the Aqua park. We took some video and pictures with the go pro so I'll update the post once we have a chance to sort those!

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