Sunday, April 30, 2017

April (with a Little Bit of March)

So tomorrow is May 1. Which means time to catch up on April (and a little of March in between Singapore and moving). The month of April has been gorgeous and we've spent sooo much time outside playing and exploring. Here's all the fun!

  1. A little green polish to prepare for St Patrick's Day right before our Singapore holiday.
  2. A sweet welcome gift from our neighbor Anna.
  3. Evy conquered climbing those stairs completely by herself mid-March and Liv not long after.
  4. Our dear nanny Meri surprised us with a delicious salad the day we returned from holiday.
  5. I caved and finally bought a new pair of sunglasses in Dubai after ten years wearing the old pair (and not a scratch on them!)
  6. A beautiful bowl form Turkey along with cookies for helping out a new neighbor.
  7. Exploring the neighborhood on an early evening walk.
  8. Hanging out in the yard after church.
  9. Madi modeling her first LulaRoe dress. 
We watched the movie Trolls for the first time this month... needless to say it's been watched a couple more times because these girls love to dance!

  1. One spoon and bowl is for amateurs. 
  2. Liv loves the sandbox at the playground in our new compound.
  3. We've been allowing the cats to explore the front yard while we are outside playing and needless to say they've enjoyed it.
  4. Because why would they want to ride in the wagon [eye roll].
  5. My view for like 90% of April. The front porch of our house with the girls playing.
  6. Evy walking in my flip flops.
  7. Wheelbarrow races down the hills on our street.
  8. Caught red-handed with the paci bag. 
  9. Daddy tackle.
Because living rooms are for running laps, right?!

  1. We took the girls to a park downtown one Saturday morning and they loved running around. 
  2. Madi ran into a school-mate and enjoyed playing with him.
  3. Enjoying the caterpillar swing.
  4. Safety first. Even at the playground, haha.
  5. Madi and Coops - goofballs.
  6. Wrong. Disgusting. A terrible terrible mistake. 
  7. Liv cruising up the street.
  8. Evy off roading.
  9. A cat amongst Jason's accomplishments. ;-)

Towards the end of the month we had our dear friends Bret and Elizabeth visit us in Baku for a few days. I got to do some additional sight-seeing with them and the girls loved having the extra company to play with in the evenings. We kept Madi home one day during their visit and she got to explore the museum with them and take a ride on the ferris wheel.

A new game the girls have discovered is playing peek-a-boo in the closets. However, as there have (predictably) been two finger pinches now to-date, this game might get vetoed pretty soon... :-/

  1. This girl's laugh is one of those deep belly laughs using her whole body and it's incredibly contagious. :-)
  2. Evy loves to smile and I'm glad at least one of these girls is easy to capture on camera. 
  3. A makeup kiss and hug after accidentally slamming the fridge door into her sister's head (the victim and attacker will remain anonymous to protect those involved).
  4. A delicious spread for hosting playgroup this month.
  5. Those clouds. Like I said we've had amazing weather this month and with that came some of the most gorgeous skylines that I've seen in Baku.
  6. Pressure cooker roast to the rescue when I procrastinated dinner prep.
  7. A good portion of my free time this month was spent helping prepare for our Women's Retreat this weekend and I'm so excited for the mini getaway!
  8. A gorgeous piece of carpet I purchased while sightseeing with our company this month. I took it to my fav frame shop and love how it turned out!
  9. A late evening walk in the mall after dinner with friends. 
And lastly, because isn't this how everyone's children behave when they hear that magical phrase "it's bedtime..."

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