Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Family Holiday at Great Wolf Lodge

 Our summer was filled with wonderful, but busy time with family, friends, work, and getting our air bnb ready. We anticipated this and decided to take a few days together just as a core family over our 13th anniversary INSERT LINK and booked the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas. 

We stay for two nights, three days and all enjoyed our time together at the water park and doing the many activities at the hotel. The girls received money from their Great Grandma and used that to purchase the Wolf Pass that included their activities. 


Monday, August 16, 2021

Happy 13th Anniversary!

 We celebrated our anniversary this year a bit unconventionally. We booked a family holiday, but still went out to dinner as a family to celebrate our anniversary. We picked The Melting Pot, a favorite of ours (and where we had our rehearsal dinner!). 

Happy Anniversary Jason!! ❤️


Friday, August 13, 2021

Oklahoma Summer Fun

After Colorado we headed over to Oklahoma to see more family and friends! We got to some of our favorite things - swimming and the Oklahoma City Zoo. We also got to visit Tulsa and The Gathering Place and spent lots of time walking Jazzy, playing board games, and learning to play the piano with Grandma. 

We got to spend a morning at an indoor climbing gym that the girls absolutely loved. They spent hours trying different routes and learning to rappel down afterwards. We will definitely be visiting again when we go to OKC!

We also celebrated Papa Jeff and Grandma's August birthdays in both Oklahoma (and then in Houston) when we were together. 

It was a memorable time in OKC and the girls had a hard time saying goodbye. Thankfully we knew they'd get to see Grandma again just a couple weeks later and that made things a little easier.


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Colorado Summer Fun

We started our summer in Houston and then flew up to Colorado and Oklahoma before heading back down to finish the summer in Houston. The trips were a nice break from the work we were doing in Houston on the house and the weather was a nice break from the Middle East heat and Houston heat we'd experienced for a good long while! Plus the mountains 😍

We got a chance to catch up with family and friends across the state as well as explore some new areas with the girls. We drove through Golden on our way north and got a chance to show them our university and where we met. 

We made our way south for the majority of our time in Colorado. We spent a day in Manitou Springs checking out the caves and the fun penny arcade (naturally a quarter now). 

We spent lots of time at the park learning a new sport called pickle ball with their aunt and her boyfriend. Even though our time went quickly we packed a lot in and are thankful for everyone who made time to see us!


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Houston Summer Fun

This summer we spent the majority of our time in Houston (this was in part due to buying a house and getting it ready for an air bnb listing, but more on that in a future post!). We were fortunate to have family and friends visit us while we were there and kept busy with lots of fun activities around the city (like the girls' first baseball game!).


This was our second time visiting tis fun event and we got to go with Grandparents and friends - even better! 

We also got to go on a double date with our family, buy fireworks for the Fourth of July, see old friends from Norway, have a sleepover and swimming party with friends, spent some fun time with Grandma, attend our favorite Vacation Bible School, and have a girls night with friends from church!


A couple summers ago the Grandparents took the girls to Kemah Boardwalk and were eager to return. We spent the day riding lots of rides, playing games, and enjoying lunch among the fish!

Two of our favorite things to do in Houston were Levy Park and the Children's Museum. Multiple visits were made to both of these places throughout the summer. We also got to take the girls to get their ears pierced and then had some sad goodbyes to our friends that we look forward to seeing next summer!

Another fun activity we did this summer was to hatch our own butterflies! We bought a kit and observed the process from caterpillar to butterfly. The girls were amazed with the transformation. 

We had an amazing time with Grandparents who made the journey to us in Houston and helped watch the girls while we worked on the house. 

We also got to spend more time this summer with Jason's sister and her family. The girls loved having multiple sleepovers with their cousins and all of the fun we had together. And look how much they've grown over the past years!

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