Monday, July 10, 2017

Evelyn and Olivia's 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday Evelyn and Olivia!

Today was your actual birthday (see 24 months post here), but since we had the massive jungle party a couple weeks ago, things were pretty low-key today. Madi and I started off singing you Happy Birthday with candles in your favorite treat – Cinnabon.

Afterwards we got dressed and went with my friend Tricia to one of the water parks called Bilgah. The girls had a lot of fun playing in the water and laying on the lounge chairs before taking naps in the car on the way home.

We spent the afternoon playing outside in the backyard on the trampoline and swings before eating pizza and watching a movie. We sang Happy Birthday again with Daddy after dinner and blew out the candles on this little cake (decorated by the proud big sister) before Madi’s show that she put on for all of us. 

[Real life - only Evelyn ate a piece of cake. Madi got sent to her room for arguing and being disobedient before dinner which resulted in no cake and stubborn Olivia refused to finish one bite of pizza and kept saying "no pizza, no cake" after we explained to her she wasn't going to get any. Just in case you thought the day looked a little too picture-perfect, ha!]

By the end of the day Evelyn was saying Happy Birthday to everyone and it was precious. It’s easy to take for granted how quickly the time does fly (although the days can seem long) and I loved seeing these sweet memories on my Timehop today. 

Happy 2nd Birthday our beautiful and fun Evelyn and Olivia!

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