Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Evelyn and Olivia's Baptism!

We weren't able to baptize the girls when they were under one year like we'd hoped since the only visit we had back to the US after the twins were born was around Christmas and not in Houston. We preferred the girls be baptized at our home church, CEPC, by the same pastor who did Madi's, Pastor Harris. We are so thankful that things aligned so that we were able to baptize them this August and blessed to have so many family members travel to Houston for the occasion.

We baptized the twins on Sunday, August 20th along with my dear friend Erin and their little one [insert name]. We had our family come down from Illinois, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas to join us for the service and lunch afterwards. Our friend Kevin was able to take some family pictures and I am so glad he captured these!

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