Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

This past weekend Madi and I had some fun putting together Valentine's for her class, teachers, and a few friends - 

Madi's school invited all the mother's to a Valentine's Day coffee and cake in the morning and it was such a treat! The kids got to play and sneak cake from us while us moms got a chance to chat. Madi was so sweet and maybe has accepted this whole "I'm going to take pictures of you forever and you might as well accept it thing" because we only had one with her tongue sticking out and then she hugged me and smiled so sweetly. A great valentine! 

We gave the girl's a few small gifts as well, which I promptly hid after they went to bed and will magically re-appear next month on our trip to Singapore to keep them occupied - ha! 

We also had cinnabon and delicious chocolate cake dropped off by sweet friends. I hoarded the cinnabon, but the girls seem pretty happy with their cake.

And when I arrived home I was surprised with some amazingly gorgeous roses from my sweet hubby.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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