Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Holiday Weekend: F1, Dalga, Mud Volcanoes

This past weekend was a long weekend - it turned out to be five days as a result of Ramadan, which normally we would have used as an excuse to travel, but we had already purchased our tickets to Formula One. It turned out to be nice to have a few days at home and do some things around the city rather than pack up and head out of town.

Formula One

We started the long weekend by attending Formula One. Jason got to attend last year, but I stayed home since we weren't sure about childcare (since we'd just moved to Baku). Our wonderful nanny Meri watched the girls all weekend and they had a blast. We took Madi with us on Saturday and she loved watching the two pink cars and seeing the "fire car" (aka safety car) on the course.

The girls played at a friend's house and got to hold their pet turtle. Evy was thrilled!

Dalga Aquapark

On Monday we packed up and headed to one of the aquaparks less than an hour away. We met up with friends there and had a lovely time. Eveyln never really took to the water, Madi took a bit to warm up, and Olivia was in the water basically the whole time having a blast on the water slides!

Mud Volcanoes

Tuesday I took the girls to a singing playgroup in the morning while Jason got our bags packed to head to the mud volcanoes. We've been before, but thought this time we would bring swimsuits and let the girls go crazy. They were all a bit hesitant at first, especially Evelyn, but then they started tossing piles of dried mud into the mud volcanoes and loved being splashed with the mud. It was fun to watch them run around laughing and the light breeze made the weather really pleasant and not too hot.

We spent the last day of the holiday taking the girls to their favorite indoor play area Wonderland and then relaxing at home in the afternoon. Madi still has two more days of school this week and then she'd off for summer break so there will be loads more fun to come I'm sure!

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