Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Madison is F O U R!

We held the girls' joint birthday party the weekend before Madi's actual birthday, June 20. On her birthday she had school and she was excited to help me make rice crispy treats for her classmates.

We arrived early downtown before school started so we headed to Starbucks to pass the time. It was a lovely way to start off her birthday!

I also got to come to the classroom and watch her birthday circle walk. So adorable!

Madison Rose,

I still cannot believe you are turning four already! You are such a joy to us and the best big sister to Evelyn and Olivia. You make all of us laugh and you have a kind heart and are incredibly generous. You are caring, compassionate, and friendly - you get along with everyone making it easy to have playdates. You are beautiful and brilliant and we are blessed to have you as a daughter. Happy FOURTH birthday sweet girl!


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