Tuesday, August 29, 2017

America Trip 2017: League City

We finally arrived down in League City late Friday evening after our drive from Colorado and got to spend the next week with Jacob and Stephanie. The cousins got along SO amazing and had a blast playing together and having sleepovers. They literally disappeared together and we adults could just sit and visit. #winning.

Sydney and Jaiden started school that Monday unfortunately, but we got to pick them up for ice cream one afternoon and spend the evenings with them. It still wasn't enough time in anyone's opinion, but we are thankful for the time we had.

Trolls, because why pick a different movie.

Delicious dinner at Lupe's Tortillas followed by ice cream. 🍦

Our last night there we got to watch a show by Sydney, Jaiden, and Madi. Afterwards it was a free-for-all chasing the dads and being tickled.

It was so special to see how these cousins got along with one another and had so much fun together. The three oldest were not happy when it was time for us to leave and seeing their teary good-byes was awful. We love you guys and we can't wait to see you again for more fun!!


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Evelyn and Olivia's Baptism!

We weren't able to baptize the girls when they were under one year like we'd hoped since the only visit we had back to the US after the twins were born was around Christmas and not in Houston. We preferred the girls be baptized at our home church, CEPC, by the same pastor who did Madi's, Pastor Harris. We are so thankful that things aligned so that we were able to baptize them this August and blessed to have so many family members travel to Houston for the occasion.

We baptized the twins on Sunday, August 20th along with my dear friend Erin and their little one [insert name]. We had our family come down from Illinois, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas to join us for the service and lunch afterwards. Our friend Kevin was able to take some family pictures and I am so glad he captured these!


Saturday, August 19, 2017

America Trip 2017: Colorado

After leaving Oklahoma we headed to Colorado to stay with the girls' grandmother Lisa, known as Mimi, and their Aunt Lilia. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and fun playgrounds and backyard. We also got to see many family members that hadn't seen Madi since she was six months old and hadn't yet met the twins.

We visited a fun playground close to Lisa the day after we arrived and spent the afternoon relaxing and visiting.

On Sunday we got a chance to get together with Lisa's parents and all of the Beard family in Colorado Springs. They have great potlucks and the girls loved meeting everyone!

We headed up to Greeley on Monday to see family on Jason's side, but not before a quick introduction stop to Noodles and Company for the girls.

We spent the evening with the girls' great grandmother Grandma Tosh and great great grandmother Meema (who is 102!!). The loved playing in the sandbox in the nursing home courtyard and blowing bubbles for their grandmothers. It was a wonderful time for Jason to visit with them.

The following day we headed to Jason's Aunt Terrie's home to spend the day with family. The girls loved all of Terrie's rescued animals and enjoyed playing outside.

We started the drive back to Colorado Springs making a quick stop in Denver for an infamous favorite - Casa Bonita. The girls loved watching the skits and cliff divers and we enjoyed reminiscing over college visits there and delicious sopapillas. 😋

We made a quick stop at our family friend's Pearl and Peggy and they got a chance to meet the girls as well. We wish there had been more time for friends and family in Colorado, but there's just never enough time!

Our last day was spent eating bacon and packing for the drive we had to make the following day. We also got a chance to sneak away for a few hours to celebrate our 9th anniversary! INSERT LINK

Thank you so much Lisa and Lilia for letting us stay with you, kick you out of your bed, feeding us, and spending so much time playing, laughing, and visiting!

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