Monday, February 6, 2017

Frozen şəlalə (waterfall) in Laza

In His sanctuary, there is glory, there is strength.
In the presence of the Father there is wisdom, there is peace.
I will come and worship, I will listen, I will speak,
Most amazing conversation, most amazing transformation
As the God of all creation talks with me

I remember vividly the first small group we joined when we moved to Houston. They were a loving and amazing group and we were blessed to have so many couples that we would divide into two smaller groups each week with a forced choice question. One week the question came - do you prefer mountains or the beach. Let's just say they had to pick another question when Jason and I (the only Coloradans) ended up in a small group of two amongst mostly native Houstonians! 

I have always loved the outdoors, especially the mountains and hiking. This past weekend I was able to slip away with a group of amazing ladies that help the refugee community here in Baku. During our free time on Saturday morning I knew that I wanted to go hike the frozen waterfall semi-close to where we were staying in Qusar.

The waterfall was near the small town of Laza, around 8 km past Shahdag (where we spent a long weekend sledding). Our car couldn't make it on the icy and snowy road so we hopped out and walked part of the way before waving down a truck that took us closer to the town and waterfall. We spent the next few hours hiking and enjoying the mountains and the snow.

When we reached this point our group got out slips of paper with specific prayer requests. We spent time as a group praying over them and afterwards sang a few praise and worship songs together. It was an amazing experience to sing God's glory the midst of His awesome creation.

We started at the bottom of the waterfall and then hiked up to a second part, and then afterwards a third part. It was definitely the more technically-challenging route and we were fortunate to head down a slightly easier path, but we loved the angles we got to see that we wouldn't have otherwise. 

I definitely missed my girls over the weekend, but they had a blast with their dad. I heard about pizza, movies, popcorn, snuggles, and sleepovers - sounds pretty fab to me!  

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