Monday, June 19, 2017

Stingerie Jungle Jam 2017

What do you do when all three of your girls have summer birthdays within three weeks of one another? A joint birthday party before everyone leaves for the summer of course! We picked a date closer to Madi's birthday since a lot of our friends are leaving at the end of the month and got planning under way.

We went with a jungle theme because all of the girls love animals and it seemed like an easy theme for planning. I used the fabulous printer I learned about when helping for our Women's Retreat and took advantage of the reasonable prices to make invitations, thank you cards, birthday poster, stickers for goodie bags, water and food labels, and personalized bubble labels. #winning. I love designing things like this so it was fun for me!

Tiger Tails :-)
I made all of these fondant animals in the weeks leading up to the birthday party. I figured it would be easier to make our own cake with the egg and nut allergies and too hard to try to explain to a bakery that I just wanted to buy decorations. Enter my art project. It wasn't as difficult as I anticipated, but definitely amateur work. I'm sooo happy with how they turned out though that I don't care!

We had a good food spread and borrowed a close friend's slushy machine to make magaritas and kid-friendly drinks during the party. Everything was a big hit!

The goodie bags had these personalized bubbles, play-doh, candy, and a couple extra stickers with different animals on them. I love how everything I printed turned out and I'm debating how crazy it would be to pick themes for the next 10 years of birthday parties now and have everything printed. Only slightly crazy, right?!

The weather started out a bit questionable in the morning, but opened up to a beautiful (and surprisingly cool) afternoon for our gathering. We used the basement and backyard for face painting and mingling. The kids had a ball on the trampoline and bouncy house!

About halfway through the party we moved inside for a fun bubble and balloon show that the kids all loved (except Olivia - you'll notice a real lack of her in the pictures because she was content sitting in the back eating fruit and was having none of it when I tried to get her to go into the life-size balloons with her sister. #pickyourbattles

I think this is the kid's favorite part - standing in the life size balloons and when you aren't inside, popping it for the person inside. :-)

We sang happy birthday to all three girls and they blew out their candles before diving into their delicious cupcakes and cake!

Overall it was an absolutely wonderful day and I think the girls and all of their guests had a lovely time!! Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with our family!

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