Sunday, August 13, 2017

America Trip 2017: Oklahoma City Part 1

My mom flew down to Houston to surprise the girls and ride with us back up to Oklahoma. Basically she was done waiting for us to come see her and figured if she flew down then we would have to head on up with her. ;-)

Our first stop after getting settled was the playground in their housing development. We frequented here and a handful of other parks during our visit.

There was lots of fun in their backyard pool and with mom's dog Jazzy. She learned first-hand what toddler snuggles were all about. And having her bed stolen. 😂

The girls loved their strollers from mom's sweet neighbor Ann (Hi Ann!) and took their animals around the block regularly.

I got a chance to sneak away again and spend an evening with my friend Chelsea. We had a delicious dinner, bowling, and gambling. Perfect.

The girls loved playing mom's piano and all the new toys they were spoiled with during our visit. Things got a little crazy, haha!

We took time one day to drive out to the Children's Museum in Seminole, Oklahoma and the girls had a blast! The museum was huge with so many different rooms to explore and areas to play. We will definitely visit here again (but maybe drop me off at the casino conveniently en route) next visit.

And of course there was lots of Grandma snuggles the entire time. :-)

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