Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

My dad and his wife Mary have insisted on buying the girls' costumes since they were born (which we are very appreciative about!). We didn't want anything too bulky or big since we were bringing them back in our suitcases this summer.

In the end Madi wanted to be Elsa and inherited her cousin's singing Elsa gown (which I think my brother-in-law offered to pay us to take, haha) and we got two more princess outfits for the twins which could be used again for dress-up: Merida from Brave and Jasmine from Aladdin.

Unfortunately the girls missed out on trick of treating since we were on holiday during Madi's school break (which coincided with the actual day of Halloween), but we painted pumpkins the weekend before.

They also wore their Halloween outfits for me after we got back from our trip. It's amazing the things our girls will do for marshmallows. ;-)

I also decorated the house with a few things and was stoked to find a bag of candy corn from last year... which tasted the exact same. Bonus. :-)

And y'all - Timehop getting me again with cuteness. Halloween 2015 costumes. :-)

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