Saturday, August 16, 2014

A 6th Anniversary Letter

As I sit here thinking about today, our 6th wedding anniversary, I am in awe...

  • in awe at how quickly six years of marriage have flown by; 
  • in awe of how we've known one another and been together for a decade
  • in awe at how many amazing memories we have traveling together and spending time together; in awe at how much we've both changed since meeting as college students; 
  • in awe how we've continued to challenge one another and grow one another in different areas; 
  • in awe of how much I love you and how much more I fell in love with you when I saw a tender-heartedness in you that wasn't visible until you held our daughter for the first time; 
  • and in awe at God's amazing grace for us and how He's put the right people in our lives at the right time for us to still call each other husband and wife.

Marriage is hard. Second only to learning how to be a mother, learning to be a wife, a Godly and Biblical wife, is one of the hardest things I've ever experienced. And I'm so far from being finished! As our seasons of life change, my learnings and challenges have changed. As we grow together Spiritually, my eyes have been opened to my many flaws and weaknesses - my selfishness apparent in my reactions and attitudes.

Yet you still love me. In spite of all of that. You make a conscious decision daily to love me and cherish me. You demonstrate God's love for us through the way you treat others, myself included. Your patience is enviable and I doubt I will ever be on the same scale to even compare us. Your honesty and trustworthiness are infallible. You are Godly, hard-working, and self-less.

You also have flaws. And I choose to love you. I strive to be a good helpmeet to you as you lead our family. (And you are an amazing leader!) I am still learning. I probably will still be learning when we are old and gray.

But that's the beauty of marriage. Two people, man and woman, choosing to love one another day after day, despite the other's flaws. Choosing to stay together beyond what life throws their way. Accepting the challenges and painful refining to grow into better people who can bring glory to the Lord.

We've been blessed to have a wonderful marriage these past six years. I thank the Lord that He put you in my life. Happy 6th anniversary Jason! I love you!

Here's our 3rd,  4th, and 5th anniversary celebrations. I've decided to keep adding a yearly picture collage that I started doing last year. Apparently now that we have a kiddo we no longer have any pictures of just us - ha! Guess we need to teach Madi to start taking them soon (or watch herself so we can take them ;-) ).


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