Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

One of the weirdest expat experiences is a US holiday that's not celebrated in your country. The turkeys are different, there aren't cranberries, and your pumpkin pie does not come from a can. It was such a fun experience to roast my own squash this year and make a pie from scratch! It was even more wonderful to spend the holiday with my mom and some wonderful friends we've made here in Baku.

The cutest little turkey hand cards Ms Meri made with the twins today while I was busy baking.

We were invited over to our friend Joy's home and she did an absolutely stunning job with the decorations that she setup! Our table spots were personalized and her decor was lovely. (Plus you know that stuff was imported from America in the summer so fab job of planning ahead!)

My pumpkin cream cheese braid. So easy and quickly disappeared from the dessert table. :-) And my first ever pumpkin pie. It's not pretty, but it tasted delicious and was egg-free thanks to this great recipe.

One of the family's traditions is a piƱata. Evelyn wasn't so keen on the idea, but Olivia and Madi had a blast and got two turns each. 

 It was a great Thanksgiving and we feel blessed with all that we have to be thankful for in our lives. We hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving today!

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