Thursday, July 19, 2018

Family Photos in Old City Baku

We loved taking pictures in Game Stavanger (Old Stavanger) before we left Norway and knew we wanted to do something similar in the Old City of Baku. Thankfully I have an amazing photographer friend Alisha who was available one of the days Jason was in town in June after having to re-schedule our first session due to extreme winds and rain.

The evening we took them was still a little breezy, but not too bad and the sun was lovely. We walked around the city and had lots of laughs and joy taking these pictures. We have some beautiful girls and Alisha captured them perfectly.


Monday, July 2, 2018

The Ocean is Calling: Our Moana-Themed Birthday Party

Similar to last year's jungle party, we opted to do another joint birthday party for the girls before we left Baku. We had the party at our house again and I had a ball designing the invitations and making a more simple cake than last year (read - no fondant animals - ha!).

Thankfully we had help with the setup and some of the decor and food preparation otherwise I would not have pulled everything off! It was a beautiful afternoon and the girls had an amazing time. It was also our last chance to see quite a few families before our move and that made it very bittersweet, but wonderful to have so many gathered together celebrating our girls.

My mom bought these adorable Moana outfits, but unfortunately they were a bit too big. I knew the girls wouldn't be able to keep them on long so we snapped an outfit picture and let them change into their birthday shirts before our guests arrived.

I know you may not believe me, but I did go simpler this year. Or it felt like it at least (maybe because I wasn't spending hours making fondant animals, which surprisingly survived the move to Doha in one piece, hahaha). My friend Alisha gifted us picture-taking at the birthday and I am so thankful she captured these memories since it allowed us to relax and just enjoy the party.

We had face painting and bubbles for entertainment and lots of laughter and fun both inside and outside the house.

It was a perfect birthday and I am thankful these sisters love each other and let me do another combined party for them - hahaha. Happy 3rd and 5th birthday to our amazing girls!

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