Monday, January 6, 2020

Desert Exploring and Mangroves Kayaking

We continued our adventures around Doha the first weekend in January by heading out of the city once again. This time we were on the search for desert rose rocks!

I mentioned to Jason ages ago that I wanted to go out and hunt for this unique rock and that I'd found an old blog saying it was in the Umm Bab area. Jason took he initiate and started researching on his own and found another blog that listed GPS coordinated in that same general area where you could find the rocks. The blog was over ten years old, but we packed up the car and figured if nothing else the girls would get some fresh air and play in the sand.

We walked around in the general area and then all of a sudden looks down and bam there they were! So many of them laying on the surface. Small and intricate ones, larger fragile pieces. They were everywhere!!

We also saw free- range camels roaming in the area. So cool! A Qatari woman stopped by the girls while they were having a snack and told them they were her camels and asked them if they liked them. :-)

We'd booked a guided kayaking tour and scheduled it back in December. However, when Evelyn hurt her finger we had to reschedule. Thankfully they understood and so on Saturday we headed to the other side of Qatar towards Purple Island. These mangroves (shrub or small tree that grows in coastal saline or brackish water) are famous for having flamingos and being gorgeous. We didn't get to see any flamingos on our visit, but we all had an amazing time and I think we will be looking into renting kayaks to visit again!


The weather was gorgeous and we loved spending another weekend outdoors exploring a different (and green!) part of Qatar.


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Welcome 2020!

After celebrating New Year's Eve, we headed to the nearby Museum of Islamic Art park for some outdoor playtime. Madison visited the park with her class in December and she's been begging to go back since. It's a huge park with lots of play areas and activities.

That afternoon we had friends over to play games and have traditional black-eyed peas and cornbread. Regardless of where we have lived while overseas, we have made sure to have this meal on January 1st. It's a fun tradition and we enjoyed sharing it with friends!

This year's recipe was by far my favorite and we will definitely be making it again next January!


New Year's Eve 2019

Similar to last year we decided to do a hotel staycation. We found a reasonably priced brunch, booked the hotel with points, and got excited for our mini getaway.

During check-in the hotel had a complimentary chocolate hour. Great way to kick off the weekend!

We got dressed up for dinner and took pictures while we waited for the evening to start.

The girls changed into pajamas shortly after the dinner started to participate in the kids sleepover the hotel had arranged for them. They enjoyed games, Frozen on repeat, and playing while we continued eating our dinner.

Definitely the first to arrive 😆

The girls enjoyed the chocolate fountain for dessert (and half their dinner). YOLO, right?

This is the part where I say we made it to midnight and rung in the new year before going to bed. Lies. The girls were done and so were we. We snuck up to our room and all climbed into bed around 11:15 (so close) and watched the fireworks show at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai on TV before the girls crashed. We moved them to their beds and then stay half-awake until the Doha new year before collapsing into bed. #partyanimals

Happy New Year 2020!

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