Sunday, December 2, 2018

November Events

It feels like just yesterday that I was finally getting around to finish our October Happenings (since apparently all I can keep up with these days is a monthly recap...) We kept busy during November as well with quite a bit going on.

We kicked off the month by attending an airshow that was along the boulevard downtown. It was nice weather and the girls liked seeing the airplanes. We also got a chance to test out our kites afterwards, but there wasn't too much good winds.

We received free entry tickets in a happy meal to the new Angry Birds theme park inside one of the malls and decided to check it out. They were running a promotion with discounted entry for Jason and me along with free credits to rides so overall it was a good value for the money (because of the free entry + promotions). The girls had a blast! We arrived shortly after they opened and stayed until late afternoon. There were a couple rides the girls were tall enough to do (Evy and I rocked at the gun bumper cars!) and they had a trampoline area and play area that we spent most of our time at.

  1. We finally got around to hanging up some of the wall decals in the girls playroom. I love the setup!
  2. Another angle of the girls kitchen area. :-)
  3. A sweet gift from my friend Tricia - Barbados coffee + Trinidad sweets. 
  4. Ms Liv strutting into church. 
  5. Another Friday church set of outfits. Look at those cheese smiles. They barely let me dress them anymore (and sadly their fashion sense usually trumps mine - ha!)
  6. Sister love after I said I was done with pictures. 
  7. The girls each had a planting day at school and I was happy to be able to volunteer for both.
  8. Madi however was not happy when it was time for me to leave and couldn't muster a better smile. Sigh. 
  9. Evy and Liv reading during Madi's gymnastics class. 

We've finally been able to spend some time outdoors this month as the temperatures have dropped slightly. I've made a game of guessing how long people have lived in Doha based on their attire. Nothing = <1 year; Sweater = < 2 years; Fleece = 3+ years; Puffy jacket = you've lived here way too long, haha

One of those nicer weather Saturdays we visited the nearby playground and decided to bury the girls rather than pay for a babysitter that evening for our date night. We left jackets and blankets in case they got cold. Ha - kidding! We did obviously bury them though. :-)

And that evening we did go for a much needed date night (but with a babysitter and the girls at home ;-) ).  We visited the beautiful Mondrian hotel and did happy hour at Morimoto restaurant. The cocktails and the food were delicious and we will definitely be visiting there again!

There were also more rain storms this month which the girls took full advantage of with puddle jumping and scootering through the water. 

  1. I've mentioned before the compound has peacocks. We had never seen ones this close before and Madi insisted she get a picture with them. 
  2. Later that day I actually saw a peacock on the second story of the house across from us. I have never seen them up that high before!!
  3. This cat. Ever since she recovered from her ear infection she's been a handful. She's affectionate and cheeky. Never before has she ever jumped onto the top of the cabinets. :-/
  4. And then there's the fat one who tries to squeeze her backside into a basket she's too big for. Sigh. 
  5. The puddle jumping' fun!
  6. Evy Grace. :-)
  7. There was a dog show just around the corner from us and the girls loved petting all the dogs and getting ice cream. 
  8. A fun movie night with friends to see Ralph Break the Internet. Definitely not as good as the original (are they ever?!) but a fun excuse to check out the theater since we hadn't been yet. 
  9. Swim lessons. We've found another amazing teacher and the twins especially have just blossomed in their ability and comfort in the water without a flotation device. He is so good!

This month was also Thanksgiving. It hit me especially hard this year feeling like a regular Thursday with the normal school and after school activities. We haven't built the same community here yet and it's been challenging for me. However, I know we have so much to be thankful for though and chose to focus on those things - one being the delicious Mexican meal that we had with a family we knew in Baku. 

Flashback to last year in the same outfits (because if it still fits, we will use it for two years - ha!). I can't believe how much the twins have grown and changed!

The last big thing we did this month was celebrate my 33rd birthday! Jason had noticed awhile back that there was The Melting Pot franchise here in Doha. It's one of our favorite places and holds a special place in our hearts since we had our rehearsal dinner there. We were excited to go and take the girls for their first fondue experience! 

The meal was amazing and very similar to the US. We definitely missed the cocktails, but enjoyed the ambience and delicious chocolate. They've got great specials during the week as well so we will definitely visit again!

One of the things I am very grateful for is this tribe of mine and the adventures we get to have together!


Friday, November 2, 2018

October Happenings

Our October was spent working on the house, battling illness that everyone in Doha seems to have gotten a taste of, and enjoying the slightly cooler weather by spending some time gardening. The month went by slowly and quickly at the same time, but with lots of fun memories despite how much time was spent in bed sleeping, haha.

Once the weather cooled we found a gardening shop and headed over to get some plants and sod. We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, hot peppers, and herbs with some adorable helpers. 

Thankfully before the illness hit our family the girls got to participate in a fun painting event at their school. Jotun partnered with them to paint all the classrooms over the school break and our girls loved helping paint the library upstairs!

  1. Entry way - I love the setup plus the Azeri carpet and lamp. Makes me smile when I walk inside. 
  2. The amazing chalkboard and sunglasses holder our friend Riyad made in Azerbaijan before we moved. His work is amazing!
  3. Madi and her cat. We seriously have the best cats as they both let Madi carry them around like this without scratching her. 
  4. I finally - months later - was able to bring myself to open my goodbye gifts and read my goodbye cards from Baku.
  5. The cutest little bath animals.
  6. My attempt at making my favorite Vietnamese dish - 
  7. Thank you Ikea America for making a box specifically for cats. 
  8. We found a vegetable market like the one we had in Baku! Unfortunately it's pretty far away, but worth the visit when we wanted to get reasonably-priced pumpkins for Halloween (seriously the ones in the stores were like $75!) and bulk ingredients for when I plan to make salsa. 
  9. The best bathroom sign ever that my friend Chelsea gifted me this summer. It was the first piece of decor I put up when we got into the house, but I'm just now getting around to documenting it.

Madi has discovered that a little bit of cat nip puts CeCe in "play mode".

  1. A fun care package from my friend Tricia in Trinidad and Tobago. Thanks girl!
  2. Homemade apple sauce in the instant pot. 
  3. Peacocks in the backyard. They are all over the compound and the girls were thrilled to see them so close.
  4. CeCe was diagnosed with an ear infection and was not happy about her multiple vet visits and ear drops.
  5. Sister sleepover in the playroom.
  6. An absolutely delicious pizza night with some new friends. 
  7. Doha has been hit hard with sporadic rainstorms and thunder/lightning over the past few weeks which caused lots of flooding. Thankfully our compound has been fine, but they did have to switch to using a side entrance due to water on the roads.
  8. "I'm not tired." 5 minutes later I find her asleep on the barstool of the kitchen island. 
  9. Sunglasses inside. All the time. 

  1. Then the illness hit us. Not sure this would be the positions I'd choose for rest, but they did. 
  2. Sofa sleeping.
  3. Amidst our illness we busted out the card games, board games, and ...
  4. Nintendo! We bought it over the summer and hadn't played yet. The girls loved the motorcycle racing and Madi was a great Bubble Bobble partner.
  5. Even Jason wasn't immune and ended up with a fever and cough. 
  6. Movie nights got better with a popcorn maker.
  7. Madi cuddling Zoey in my blanket. Ugh.
  8. I have not taken three driving exams and am licensed to drive a manual in three different continents. Please don't make me take anymore, haha.
  9. I now know what disappointment tastes like - it's this. It's nothing like the real one.

Even though it was a fun month I am glad it's over and praying we stay healthy the rest of the "winter" season here in Doha. :-)


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween 2018

Since the girls missed trick or treating last year Halloween because of our amazing Cyprus trip they were super excited to go around our compound! I went frugal on costumes and told the girls to rummage through their ridiculously large collection of dress up clothes for their outfits. As a result we had a superhero, Moana, and a princess. Loved it.

We decorated the house a bit and stretched our candy corn collection to last through the holiday. Now we have so much Halloween candy I'll be putting it in their Easter baskets next spring - ha!

Happy Halloween!

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