Friday, March 17, 2017

Jason's Birthday

Since we get to spend Jason's actual birthday (tomorrow) flying all day, we celebrated early. Jason had to work late Thursday night so we took advantage of the extra time to make cards and a small cake for him. I painstakingly wrote "Happy Birthday" on it with the difficult icing pens...alas, I had to chase two toddlers around leaving the pre-schooler unsupervised and it quickly disappeared - HA! Evy helped put a couple sprinkles on the cake as well, but Liv just ate them. Girl after my own heart.

We cooked Jason's favorite meal Friday night and enjoyed some movie time before finishing packing for our trip. Low key, but we will have a couple of weeks holiday to spend together and celebrate!

Happy Birthday Jason!! You constantly amaze me with your honesty, hard work ethic, love and compassion. We are truly blessed to have you leading our family and I am honored to be your helpmate. We love you so much!

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