Thursday, August 17, 2017

Happy 9th Anniversary!

We happened to be in Colorado Springs for our ninth (are we that old?) anniversary on August 16th. Lisa and Lilia kindly offered to give us the evening off if we wanted to go to dinner and we jumped at the chance to visit The Melting Pot, a favorite of ours and the place where we held our Rehearsal dinner.

We had a lovely (and uninterrupted) dinner discussing our summer, where we are currently in life, and what's next. It was heavy, but much needed since we don't often get a chance to discuss those things when we aren't exhausted after the kids bedtimes. :-)

We've been through a lot the past nine years married (and 13 together total!) and recognize that our marriage goes through peak-and-valley cycles. This year in particular seems to have had quite the share of valleys, but we are fighting through them and growing together. I am so thankful to have this hard-working, honest, and loving man in my life. We've had a lot of adventures together and have now spent more of our marriage outside the US than in it. (crazy, right?!) I don't know where life will take us next, but I know who will be by my side. Happy Anniversary Jason!

[Earlier in the day Madi was helping her Mimi garden and play outside. She came up to Jason and I and handed us these roses and said "Happy Valentine Day Mommy and Daddy".  So precious. ❤️]

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