Friday, January 5, 2018

Georgia Girl's Trip

When my friend Jessie mentioned casually that she was planning to drive to Georgia for a few days, I immediately invited myself to go along. We got two other girlfriends Christine and Rachel to join our group and headed out New Year's Day to make the drive.

We arrived safely in Tbilisi and after dropping our stuff at the apartment headed out to explore and eat some delicious food. Since this was a repeat visit to Tbilisi for all of us we spent our couple of days there just relaxing and laughing and eating and drinking. It was lovely!

We headed to G Vino for dinner and enjoyed a wonderful tapas-style dinner with wine. Afterwards we headed to Rachel and Christine's favorite ice cream spot.

The next morning we stopped by the I ❤️ Tbilisi sign while it wasn't crowded and then headed to breakfast. Then we did some shopping and walking before heading to a hidden gem Rachel knew about in a less touristy area called Pasanauri. We had a private room and while the service wasn't spectacular the food more than made up for the waits. We were so busy stuffing our faces we did not capture any pictures of the khinkali or beans in clay pot. But everything was so delicious!

The walk home went through street markets and Christmas activities and we made sure to get a picture with Santa. We also asked some locals about the history of a monument and got to learn some of the hardships Georgia endured under the reign of the Soviet Union. 

Our last day we had breakfast as a group before heading off in different directions to walk, shop, read, and whatever else we felt like doing. I enjoyed just walking the city with Rachel and picking up my first selfie stick and a couple presents for the girls.

We joined back up again at the apartment and headed to dinner at Jessie and my favorite restaurant - Schuchmann's Wine Bar and Restaurant. The meal was full of laughter and amazing wine and food. We had bottles of white Tvishi and red Khvanchkara wine, ordered the white tomato cream soup, Gerogian salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, and the most delicious walnut sauce), khachapuri (my personal favorite thing to get in Georgia), lamb bbq, bahze with elargi balls (chicken walnut roll with some sort of yummy fried ball thing), odjakhuri (my entree choice and literally the best pork I have ever tasted in my life!), and fruit with champagne sorbet. YUM! 😋  Seriously, if you ever visit Tbilisi you have to do here - ask for David and Dima to be your waiters and tell the manager Dmitri that I recommended you go - we are tight. Hahaha!

Earlier in the afternoon I had seen these chimney cakes (also called trdelnik) that I'd had in Eastern Europe Christmas markets. Jessie and I grabbed a place in line and got the last of the evening!

The next day we loaded up the car and made the drive back to Baku. It was such a treat to get some time away with girlfriends and to enjoy the delicious food and wine in Tbsili, Georgia!

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