Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter 2021

He is Risen Indeed!

We were so thankful that this year the girls' Spring Break fell on Easter Sunday (the work week is Sunday - Thursday with the weekend being Friday-Saturday so last year we celebrated on Saturday). Over the weekend we did lots of fun Easter activities that we had and many that our church provided in a fun delivery package in our Children's Ministry (including a piΓ±ata!). 

We worked through our Resurrection eggs and also these two books that we love for the girls. (The He is Risen blocks were made by our Women's Ministry - we ordered the blocks, Jason burned the wording, and another member stained them. 😍)

We kicked off Easter morning with delicious cinnamon rolls and the girls opened their Easter baskets from us (and a few things from the grandparents). Then it was onto the egg hunt and making delicious sugar cookies!

We had a bunny-themed lunch (thank you Annie's) with mac and cheese, bunny grahams, and fruit snacks. Our Easter dinner was a traditional ham that we were fortunate to have a friend secure for us in December.  πŸ€€

We setup the tripod to capture a family photo before dinner and enjoyed our meal together (unfortunately new restrictions prevented us from being able to celebrate with friends). 


Thursday, April 1, 2021

March Happenings

This month we started having more restrictions on gatherings and reduced days for school again 😒 However, before some of those got implemented we thankfully had a chance to get out and explore a new area of Qatar as well as celebrate Jason's birthday

We also had a lot of fun around Qatar and with friends this month! 

1 - 3: The girls celebrated World Book Day at school by dressing up as Zadie the Sewing Fairy, Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten, and Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots. (Bonus that everything to make the outfits came from their closest!)

4 - 7: We discovered a new beach that we can access close to our house. I took a trip out there on my SUP with a friend one weekday and that weekend we headed there as a family to enjoy the water and the lack of crowd. 

8: Ladies tea with some of the lovely women from our LifeGroup

9: Madi's Solar System Project - Grade 2 has spent the Unit of Inquiry at school looking at the solar system and all the different planets, stars, etc. They were assigned to make a model of the solar system however they wanted and she chose to do a diorama. She worked independently on it (except for the sharp tool to punch the holes in the top) and we are super proud of her! The kids also had to record themselves making a presentation of their solar system which you can watch Madi's here

1 - 2: These two decided to spend a week matching - from their besties shirts to their sister make the best friends. I love watching their relationship grow and development!

3: A fun ladies night out to celebrate birthdays~

4: Enjoying the drive-in cinema with friends. 

5: The girls had a gymnastics competition before after school activities were cancelled. Hopefully we get to see some video soon (parents couldn't watch), but the girls were all super proud of how they did. 

6: Ballet, cowboy boots, ice cream. 😍

7: Zoey attending classes again. Madi dropped back to two days a week when schools went from 50% capacity to 30% capacity. (Later they moved to fully online again!)

8: Stocking up before Ramadan starts. (Ramadan is a month of fasting in Islam. During that time you are not allowed to eat or drink anything in public. They also prohibit the sale of alcohol during the time hence the visit to the one store that sells it to stock up, haha)

9: Tequila shots before lockdown. πŸ₯ƒ

The girls go on Spring Break next week as well as celebrating Easter and we are thankful to have some time off!


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Umm Bab Quarry

We've been collecting places to visit in Qatar off the beaten path. One that had been mentioned, but forgotten the past year was Umm Bad Quarry. We packed our trucks for the day and headed out in the general direction someone had recommended until we found the area and began exploring. 

It was unique landscape and fun for the kids to get out and run around and climb a bit in a new area that's different than others we've seen around Qatar before. 


Thursday, March 18, 2021

Jason's Birthday! πŸŽ‰

 This month we celebrated the amazing guy in our lives - he's such a great husband, father, and leader of our household. The girls woke him up with a birthday song and donuts before heading off to school. 

We took advantage of the day together (unknowingly our last) by heading to a surprise birthday lunch for Jason at a new brisket restaurant in the Pearl. It was a great lunch!

That evening we headed over to spend the evening outside exploring some fun light statues a friend recommended. The animals were so fun and the girls enjoyed scootering from one jungle creature to the next!

The following day we headed out to the desert with friends to celebrate. Our first stop naturally was the quads where the guys went off on the big ones while we took the kids to their course. 

Afterwards we headed to the beach for a bbq and cool down in the water! We played frisbee and spent the afternoon enjoying cake our sweet friends' boys made especially for Jason. 

Happy birthday Jason! We love you!!


Monday, March 1, 2021

February Update

It's hard to believe that February is already over and tomorrow is March! We spent a good amount of time outside enjoying the Doha weather from another Inland Sea camping trip and ATV adventure (our only one since New Year's! 😲) to exploring a different side of Qatar and an old farming village to a day trip out to Zekreet and the Eye Rock for sunset and a brilliant full moon. 

  1. Enjoying a bike ride in the afternoon!
  2. They girls packed their bags with snacks and water...I think snacks are the highlight of biking for them, haha.
  3. A sad, but lovely evening saying goodbye to friends that moved.
  4. Visiting a new bookstore that opened in Doha.
  5. Exploring the reading corner and picking our new books to take home.
  6. We have been stalking a furniture store for some time and when I saw this piece I knew it was 'the one'. πŸ€—
  7. The cats are still well and awkward... CeCe in a basket on the stairs.  
  8. Zoey laying on a giant panda stuffed animal. 
  9. Enjoying another visit to the drive-in cinema near our house - this time for Frozen!

The girls had a week long school break and instead of traveling did a staycation and also celebrated Valentine's Day with friends! We also had a chance to go check out the Anooki, fictional characters whose home planet melted due to climate change. They are an exhibit to bring awareness to taking care of our planet. (Check here for more information). 

  1. We had a moms night out for Paint the Town to make these llama pictures. 
  2. It was super stressful and mine is oversized, but I loved the company! πŸ˜‰
  3. The girls celebrating Chinese New Year by making lo mein noodles and wearing red. 
  4. Madi's biking gear arrived for her race...and then the race got cancelled. 😒
  5. Tree climbing all day, every day. 
  6. We got like eight drops of rain one morning and the girls were ecstatic (it's been a very dry season here in Qatar) so we let them jump and 'catch' raindrops.
  7. The clouds have. been 😍 this month
  8. Getting birthday hugs from one of our favorite dudes
  9. Going another day for more birthday hugs from our other favorite dude 

We've had a lot happen in February with trips to the desert and adventures around the city. There's also been some hard times with our school going online for a couple weeks due to an outbreak and things being cancelled (a gymnastics show and competition and the bike race). However, we are still healthy and safe and thankful for how Qatar has handled things.


Sunday, February 28, 2021

Desert Adventures - Zekreet and Eye Rock

The last weekend in February we headed out towards the Zekreet area with another family to spend the afternoon together. We ventured a bit further back to an area we hadn't been and occupied ourselves with climbing, fossil hunting, games, and even a scorpion sighting (our first in all the trips we've taken to the desert!)

Afterwards we stopped at the Eye Rock to enjoy the full moon. We snapped some pictures and let the girls climb around before making our way back to Doha. I love how these pictures turned out and re-visiting a favorite spot in Qatar. 


Friday, February 26, 2021

Desert Adventures - Camping Inland Sea, ATVs {Again}, Al Zubara Fort, and Old Farming Village

At the beginning of the girls' school break we headed out for another camping adventure before it starts getting too warm to camp (which is quickly approaching unfortunately!). Since the ATVs are along the way we made a stop with some more friends and another ride. Afterwards we headed out and secured our favorite Inland Sea camping spot. We spent our time playing, flying kites, watching flamingoes, and even got to try a new activity with our friends - sand sledding! We had planned to stay two nights, but the wind picked up (and we had a tent pole snap in two places 🀭) so we cut the trip short and headed home the next day. 

Later in the month I got a chance to spend the day with a friend and explore a different area of Qatar. We had planned to head to Arsan Cafe (the furthest north cafe in Qatar), but when we realized we would be arriving long before it opened we decided on a whim to take a detour over to Al Zubarah Fort. While we waited for the fort to open we explored along the coast further down where some of the old ruins exist. Afterwards we walked around the fort and then continued our journey north up towards the cafe. Again we just decided to pull off at another spot that look interesting and turned out to be an abandoned farming village. 

The clouds were gorgeous and we sent time just walking along the beach and exploring some mini mangroves in the area. We walked through the ruins and will definitely be taking another trip back with the kids because I'd love to do family photos there!

We finally made it to Arsan Cafe and had a relaxing coffee together before heading back south to Doha. 

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