Sunday, August 13, 2017

America Trip 2017: Oklahoma City Part 2

My Dad and his wife Mary were able to come visit us in Oklahoma City and my mom and Jeff were incredibly hospitable in opening up their home. The girls got to enjoy the same playgrounds and backyard pool with their Grandma and Papa!

Grandma and Madi had a car service shop where "Joe" would give full service gas, car wash, and oil change. What a bargain!

The girls had picnics outside, trees to climb, nail fun from Grandma and bubbles.

When the girls visited the zoo Madi picked a paint your own butterfly magnets and loved making the set!

The girls also got to try their first Blue Bell ice cream, which any Southerner will tell you is superior to all other ice creams. 😋

We took the girls to see the science museum thinking it wouldn't be crowded yet since school had started, but boy were we wrong. It was packed, but we managed to each keep track of our assigned child and the girls had a great time!

Basically it was an exhausting visit - haha! The girls had so much fun with their Grandma and Papa and we were so glad they were able to come see us in Oklahoma!

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