Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas Card 2017

I love designing my own cards every year. I'm by no means a pro or even an expert, but I love having Photoshop and Illustrator and challenging myself to make designs for events and occasions. This year I made a slightly smaller standard-size postcard and used Vistaprint's mailing services to have them automatically mailed for me (albeit a little late, but hey, I blame it on the fact that we live overseas). I also used a local printer here to make some to manually deliver to our friends in Baku.

And for our family and friends abroad, keep an eye out for your Christmas postcard in the mail sometime between Dec 22- Jan 2 - HA!

Here's our previous years' Christmas cards: 2011 2012 (apparently we skipped this year since we had just moved to Norway and didn't have our stuff yet, but we sent a "We've Moved" in the new year) 2013 2014 2015

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