Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Twin Tuesday: Evelyn and Olivia's Nursery!

After Madi was moved to her big girl room downstairs, we got to working on the girls' nursery. We didn't do a theme or anything, but chose to keep it simple and use the colors lavendar and light pink (one for each twin). I love that I was able to get the same name hangings from my good friend Emily's mom Darlene (she's so talented!).

Here is Evelyn and Olivia's room! :-)

We purchased a cutter while we were in the States in March and got to work making a lot of the decorations ourselves. Our friend Dan cut us the blocks we used in the girls' names and Jason sanded, painted, and cut the letters for them with the new cutter. He also designed and made the monogram initials, the flags in the picture frame above the changing table, and the vinyl letters on the weekly/monthly age blocks. Lots of DIY love!


I love how the room turned out and all of the personal touches that we were able to incorporate! I think Evelyn and Olivia love it too. :-)


Monday, July 27, 2015

Soma Gard Saturday!

Soma Gard is another favorite place of ours to visit here in Norway. We wanted to take my mom while she was here and they are only open on weekends (we found that out the hard way...). Since this is the last weekend my mom is here ( :-( ) we headed there Saturday while the weather was overcast, but not rainy.

This "farm" has animals you can pet...

Tractors you can climb and play on...

Sandpits where you can go digging...

Regular playground equipment like swings and slides...

And of course Madi's favorite... trampolines! Girl loves to jump!!

We brought our lunch with us and enjoyed the morning as a family running around while baby sisters took a long nap. :-)


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Madi's Big Girl Room!

When we found out we were expecting again, we knew we'd have to do some room switching. Our house only has two bedrooms upstairs. There is a bedroom right off of the playroom downstairs which we knew would be perfect for Madi!

We moved her down to that room right after our trip to the States in March, but I realized I never got a post done showing her new room! We had a long Easter break and figured we would use that in case of any sleep regression, etc. However, Madi loves her new room and even started letting us read and sing to her again during our bedtime routine!

Here's Madi's fun, big girl room!

And what would a bed be without a zoo of favorite animals to keep you company?! ;-)


Leo's Lekeland

One of the places we know we can always visit during bad weather here in Norawy is Leo's Lekeland. Madi absolutely loves this huge indoor play area. It's full of slides, trampolines, ball pits, and more! My mom and I took Madi there during her time out of barnehage while I was still pregnant and we visited there again today for more fun!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

First Week as a Family of Five

We jumped from a family of three to a family of five when we welcomed our twin baby girls, Evelyn and Olivia on July 10th. We came home from the hospital on Monday and have had a pretty good week. There's been some ups and downs of course, but overall it's been good - mostly due to the outpouring of love and support from our family and friends who have helped to taken care of us. I can't begin to express how blessed we feel right now thanks to our community here in Norway!

And since I don't have a lot of time to sort through pictures, make collages, edit them, etc.  you just get to have picture overload from our first week. :-)

Someone missed us and didn't want us to leave her again. 

A rare moment of dual sleeping in the crib... we haven't gotten much of that at night!

Some multi-tasking when work issues came up.

I know the answer!

My mom and her husband Jeff are here visiting and I don't know what we would have done without them. They watched Madi while we were int he hospital and the love that child has for both of them is evident! Now they are getting to enjoy baby snuggles and giving us a break.

That smile! :-)
And big sister Madi has been fabulous! Don't get me wrong, she's still getting timeouts and pushing her limits, but she started that before her sisters arrived. ;-) She's excited to see baby sisters and give them kisses. We're also showing her how to gently rock them and give them kisses. Right now she loves to look at them while they are feeding and say "baby sisters eating!". Heart melt.

Wednesday we took Madi for a play and ice cream date with just Mommy and Daddy. That was a huge hit and we loved spending some time with our favorite big sister.

We got out and about a little as well and had out first outing as a family of five (to Starbucks of course!) We took a walk to barnehage to pick up Madi (where she insisted on pushing the stroller herself...picture above) and also got out for a short walk to the health station and grocery store. I tested out the moby wrap twin hold and enjoyed carrying both babies (but man that's a lot of baby weight I was carrying around!)

And we got some cute pictures of the girls. :-)

Sadly we also had to say goodbye to Papa Jeff. He was a huge help to have and Madi is sure going to miss him!

Overall it's been a great first week at home, but I cannot believe how quickly the time flew by!! How are these little cuties already one week old?!

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