Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Exploring Azerbaijan: Candy Cane Mountains and Altiaghaj National Park

The girls were up for another day of exploring after Besh Barmag so we loaded up the car again and headed in the same direction, but slightly further to the Candy Cane Mountains.

We found a parking lot for an abandoned building, crossed the highway, picked a peak, and started climbing. The girls climbed pretty high and spent their time exploring for conical fossils and some sea shells. The mountains were really unique to see and fun to explore!

We still had some time left and gas in the tank so we headed further along the road to the Altiaghach National Park. It was a pretty drive and we went basically to the end of the road in a small village before turning back around. We found a pull off on the road and got out to stretch our legs and head up a trail we'd seen from the car.

It was cool and nice amongst the trees and the girls had fun playing with dirt, sticks, and finding frogs. Madi even got to hold her first one! I wish we'd had more time to keep exploring up and see how far the trail went, but alas - we will have to save it for another day!

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