Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wintery Weekend in Baku

We drove a couple hours north of Baku last weekend to get snow and this weekend the snow came to us! It's snowed a couple other times this winter in the city, but it usually doesn't snow more than one day and it melts pretty quickly.

This weekend however we got a pretty decent showing and the forecast is calling for more later this week. My Facebook feed today was filled with lovely pictures of everyone's snowmen and we jumped on board and made one as well along with throwing snowballs at our best friends!

The view Saturday morning when we woke up. However, most of it melted pretty quickly and it was adorable when Madi asked me at lunch "Mommy, where is the snow going?" when she noticed it was melting!

We stayed indoors most of the day playing and doing the girl's nails. :-)

Saturday evening brought snow that continued most of the evening and we awoke Sunday to more than we've had before and it was the best snow for playing in!

Love this picture of us! We seem to only have ones of Mads and Coops so nice to have the moms for once! ❤︎

And while playing outside the twins took advantage of being left alone inside to stand in baskets way too close to Mickey Mouse.

During the younger girls' naps we headed back outside with Madi to finish our snowman and add some accessories.

Back inside these two curled up adorably and slept the snowy day away!

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