Monday, November 6, 2017


Y'all - there are not many places we like to travel to twice (there's too much world to see!), but we had such an amazing time in Cyprus that we both agreed we would go back. It was a perfect combination of sight-seeing and beach-relaxing that was a great fit for our family.

We had a couple of reasonable flights to get there via Doha. We arrived mid-day Saturday and after getting to our villa we took a walk to explore and caught a beautiful rainbow after some light rain.

Cyherbia Botanical Gardens

Since we were missing Halloween at home, I found a fun event at the botanical gardens. They had a Wizard of Oz theme including a scavenger hunt, pumpkins, story time, and bubble show. We spent most of the day there and then hung out at our villa.

Pafos Zoo, Tomb of the Kings

We knew we wanted to visit the zoo, but it was a l-o-n-g drive (2.5 hours) to the opposite end of the island. However, since the girls were up at 6 am every day (what was wrong with you people - you don't even do that at home!) we hit the road early, stopped at Starbucks halfway to stretch our legs, and continued the journey.

We spent most of the day at the zoo with the highlight being the bird show. It was a decent-sized zoo with a good playground so we went leisurely.

Afterwards we headed to the nearby Tombs of the Kings since we were on that half of the island. The girls had fun running around and exploring and we enjoyed the sunset among the ruins.

Malama Beach

We wanted a slow Tuesday after all the driving on Monday so we ventured to a beach within walking distance and camped there most of the day. The girls got in the water some, but it was a bit cold. Madi swam quite a bit and everyone had fun playing in the sand and destroying Daddy's sand castle.

Konnos Beach, Cape Greco National Park

We had another lazy morning on Wednesday and got loaded up to visit Konnos Beach. We spent the morning here and then let the twins sleep in the car while we drove around and explored Cape Greco National Park.


Then we made our way towards Aiya Napa, stopping at the Love Bridge and a playground along the way. We had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and called it a night.

Camel Park

When we asked the girls their favorite part of the trip, the camel ride was number one for sure. This park had lots of animals to see and feed, an option to ride the camels, and multiple playgrounds on site. We spent most of Thursday here after our camel ride playing and having a picnic lunch.

No Liv isn't kissing a camel, but daaannggg - it sure does look like she is 😂

The girls were exhausted and all took a nap as we headed north to do some supply shopping (brown sugar, cheetos, cereal, and a blender- haha!). And yes, she took off her shoes, her socks, and put them on her hands...without our assistance.

Fireman Beach

Friday was our last full day so we decided to visit the beach one more time. The weather had turned a bit dark and cloudy so we didn't stay long, but the girls were happy to have one more chance to play in the sand. The rest of the day was spent playing at our villa, packing, souvenir shopping, and visiting a outdoor play area within walking distance of our villa that for 6 euros the kids can play as long as they'd like and you can sit on the side with a beverage. Brilliant.

Swagger Liv.

We had a long day of travel on Saturday, including a four hour layover and arrival in Baku at 2:30 am on Sunday, but the girls rocked it. They were pleasant and slept on the second flight and thankfully Doha airport had a great play area.

Overall, it was a really amazing trip and we had a wonderful time! Thanks Cyprus for the fabulous memories!!

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