Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rest of January

Y'all - this is my seventh post for the month. I think that's more than I did the last four months combined. I'm patting myself on the back here, but am simultaneously worried this is a bit like the January rush at the gym after New Year's. Only time will tell...

Anyway, the month flew by quickly with our weekends being taken up playing in snow in Shahdag and then in Baku. Madi's after school activities (swimming and tennis) started up and she's been excited to have her friends back from the holidays so there's been lots of playing. And snapchat filters, haha.

Pretending to be asleep in the pack and play. We'd say "good night Olivia" and she'd scrunch her eyes close and try not to smile.

Delicious food - pressure cooker beef stew and chicken salads. I'm trying to work in new recipes as I feel like we've gotten in a rut of eating the same things regularly. Time to Pinterest more crockpot and pressure cooker recipes (and a bit jealous of all you insta pot peeps over in the US - I want one!)

This month we got to celebrate our amazing nanny's birthday. She's a gem and I don't know what we would do without her. All the girls love her and she's the reason I have my sanity. Madi helped me make her a chocolate cake and I decorated it with amaretto buttercream icing.

Enjoying our view of the Caspian Sea and oil platforms with my drill bit mug. #nerdypetroleumengineer

We also celebrated a night out with friends by attending the Scottish Burns Supper. It was a fun evening and our third gala of the season. I'm running out of clothes to attend anymore, haha.

We've had a wonderful January playing in the snow and laughing with our girls! Now on to February. :-)

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