Friday, March 17, 2017

Exploring Azerbaijan: Novruz

The past month has been leading up to next week's holiday - Novruz, one of the biggest celebrations here in Azerbaijan. While we won't be here for the local festivities, we've had a touch of the fun at our compound, Madi's school, and at home.

Our sweet nanny Meri bringing the girls samani for the table and homemade pakhlava and shekebura. Both were amazing and the girls loved playing with out new table decor throughout the week.

Earlier in the week our compound hosted a Novruz festival. They had the same pastries along with the traditional dried fruit and nuts. They had rice and kebabs plus entertainment throughout the night, including the traditional fire jumping. We didn't make it to that portion because of bedtime, but maybe next year! The girls had fun running around, dancing, and getting their faces painted.

Throughout the week Madi has been learning about Novruz and the children have been bringing in sweets to go in the class khoncha. Today was a half day and they children were allowed to wear the traditional Azeri attire. The children also made their own pakhlava!

Happy Novruz Azerbaijan!

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