Monday, February 27, 2012

Rodeo Run, Riding, and a little bit of Relaxing

This weekend was busy! Saturday morning we met up with some of our friends to run in the ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run.

I know, I know, I said I was done running. I was already signed up for this run since its sponsored by my company and I'm even one of the people in charge of registration. I decided to go ahead and run it easy...

Until about halfway through when I realized I was feeling pretty good and decided to kick it into gear. I decided too late that I wanted to be under and hour and scraped over the finish line with an 8:35 pace and a time of 1:00:24.

The weather was perfect and we had a ton of fun!

I played with a new app on my iPhone and made this sketch...

...from this picture

We spent the rest of the day running errands, cleaning the house, and doing yard work. We did make some delicious lamb chops for dinner though as our reward! :-)

Sunday we woke up early and headed northwest of Houston for our training ride. The weather again was gorgeous and we had a blast! (For some reason Jason and I like to pretend we are cool and take pictures like this.)
After we got home we didn't rest. Our family was coming over so we started getting ready for their arrival.

Our almost-two-year old niece Sydney thoroughly enjoyed CeCe, our kitten. Finally the tormentor is being tormented! Sydney chased CeCe around the house trying to pet her. She was absolutely adorable!! Jacob, our brother-in-law, got some video of her running around that he'll hopefully share for me to post... (hint, hint ;-) )

We made sliders and homemade french fries for dinner and relaxed while catching up with one another.
Jacob enjoying his double decker mini slider. He was indeed able to put the full thing in his mouth.
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