Monday, February 13, 2012

24 Hours of Lemons 2012

This past weekend was busy! After co-hosting at my church's Friendship Brunch (read about it here), Meredith and I headed north almost to College Station where the Texas World Speedway track is located. Our significant others were both racing is this year's first 24 Hours of Lemons race.

Jason has participated in the Lemons race five times since 2010. (You can read about their last race here). This year the team decided to purchase a second car and recruit more drivers. Meredith's fiancĂ© Kyle was a new recruit racing for the first time with them. We dutifully headed out in cold and wind to cheer them on! And of course brought baked goods with us. :-)

Unfortunately they were having issues with both cars when we arrived. The veteran car that they've used for the past races was overheating after just a few laps. They noticed that water was coming out of the exhaust. This is apparently a very bad thing... They took the engine apart the previous night, but were unable to fix it. They decided that the car needed a new engine block and will have to be re-built before the next race. They drove the car off and on, allowing it to cool between track visits.

The "new" car was having computer chip issues. They tried resetting the computer back to manufacturer settings, but that didn't fix the problem. Could be because the car previous caught on fire before they purchased it...I'm just saying. They decided eventually that the fuel injectors were getting clogged. As a result of the fire. Yup, fire kills cars apparently...

(Disclaimer - the above paragraphs were proofed by my husband. I only 90% know what I just said...)

Jason spent the previous Wednesday night painting these babies for the tops of each car. I asked him if he actually put 50 stars. He said yes. Man, I love being married to an engineer. :-)

Here's the four of us -

Love my race car driving hubby!

They were able to muster both cars to run sporadically and we got to watch both Jason and Kyle on the track Saturday. They even got both cars out on the track at the same time long enough to take a picture. I think they were only able to do two or three laps before they both had to come in though...

Here's Kyle getting suited up to race -

We got up early this morning and braved the wind for a second time to cheer them on today. I was able to see Jason race for a little bit, but unfortunately Meredith didn't get to see Kyle race again.

You might have noticed in the previous Lemons post that their original car was red, white, and blue. They decided to do an overhaul on the paint for that car and their recently acquired car. They painted them with matching themes for the Monster energy drink. No, they did not receive sponsorship from them for this junk car race. Someone asked them that...

I think everyone was disappointed that they weren't able to race more this year. :-(

Hopefully both the cars will be working by May/June when the next races are coming up!!

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