Monday, February 20, 2012

Gamblin' Getaway

Jason and I love gambling- slots, blackjack, sometimes craps. In Colorado we would regularly head up the Central City/Blackhawks and play a bit. Before you get concerned, we are moderate gamblers. Jason takes more risks than me- I like my penny slots thank you very much.

A couple of weeks ago I found out that Jason has President's Day (today) off work. Thanks to a sweet coworker covering for me, I was able to take my flex day today and not have to work.

I had the fun idea of going to Louisiana to gamble! I figured Sunday nights are cheaper anyway and it would be a fun, short trip. I checked L'Auberge, a casino we'd visited a couple years ago in Lake Charles.

Fail. Apparently there was a concert that night and room prices reflected that- $300 a night! I'm sorry but that casino was not worth it in my opinion. They hadn't had amazing penny slots, they'd only had $25/hand blackjack, and I couldn't swallow that high price tag for the room...

I expanded my search and discovered Coushatta Casino just 20 min NW of Lake Charles. I booked a more reasonable $125 room. :-)

We headed out yesterday excited for our evening of gambling. We opened Players Club cards and added them to our room after checking in.

We played some slots and then some blackjack. Let's just say Allen was not our favorite dealer... Jason and I lost $60 each. :-( Back to the slots for us!

When we checked out this morning we were told our room was being comped. Sweet! That is until I pointed out that's about what we were down from blackjack.

We headed back to the game floor for a few more hours of gambling before heading back to Houston.

I played on the same $20 on slots all last night and a few more hours this morning. Pretty darn good! So overall I lost $80. I asked Jason how much he lost. He said I didn't want to know...

He finally fessed up to losing about $140 total making our cum losses $220. Minus the room cost of $130 (with taxes) and we are only down about $110. Not bad for about 9 hours of gambling!

I love the Goldfish!!

Jason playing Lucky Lemmings!

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