Monday, February 6, 2012

Soon to be Sewing Time

At one time I knew how to sew... I even made boxers and a matching scrunchie in middle school! I still wear those boxers... but I retired the scrunchie after the '90s. Thankfully. 

I needed to acquire a few things to gain back this skill set - first, a sewing machine. Fortunately, I have an amazing mama who kept not only her sewing machine, but it's manual. From 1976. (This explains so much to those who know me and how I keep things... Not pack-rat like, but very organized. You will not see me on hoarders. Promise...)

She graciously took this baby to a shop where it was cleaned, inspected, and greased. She drove down from Oklahoma City last summer and brought me the machine and her sewing cabinet. I have heard that the older sewing machines are more advantageous than newer ones - better quality, longer lasting, etc. so I am thrilled at my mom's generosity! 

The sewing cabinet is an amazing gift as well. These gems can cost upwards of $500 for an all-wood, quality cabinet. I love how it conveniently holds everything you need!

Second, I needed guidance. There is a sewing class in Houston that one of my friends had taken and highly recommended. I liked the idea of having resources to answer questions, help to illustrate difficult techniques, etc. more than trying to tackle a new skill all on my own.

I signed up last fall to take the course and since then four of my friends have signed up as well. We have all been anxiously looking forward to this upcoming Wednesday when our class starts!

Lastly, I need projects. (Please note the tense changed just from past to present. I still need to decide on projects...) During the 12-week class we work on projects of our own choosing. I have so many things I want to make, I am not sure where to begin! I want to make Christmas stockings like my friend Chelsea did (she is an amazing seamstress!) as well as skirts, and possibly an apron, maybe a dress, and eventually, a quilt of all my old Pi Phi shirts. However, I want to start with something easier so I am leaning towards the skirt or the apron...

In my restlessness for the class to start, I decided to test out my new (old) machine by making a small mouse toy for CeCe. I filled it with stuffing and cat nip. Let's just say it's a good thing I am taking the class... and a good thing CeCe isn't above playing with lopsided mice! 

The materials - as you can tell CeCe is already attacking the cat nip...

The finished products! I made two different mice. One out of regular material and the other out of an old dish towel (in hopes that it will hold up longer to claws...)

CeCe playing with her mouse.

I also got video of her attacking one. I think she likes them!! :-)

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