Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Family Dinner

On and off since 2009, we've been attending Family Dinner with a group of friends. Each Monday night we rotate who hosts and everyone contributes something to the table. It's a fun gathering that Jason and I are blessed to finally be a part of regularly! 

In the past, we've been sporadic attending for a number of reasons - driving distance (we are the only ones outside the Beltway), class (Jason's had classes on Monday nights multiple semesters), or time commitment (when you have obligations two or three other weeknights it's hard to add another). 

We've made a better effort to attend this past fall and spring and we are so glad we did. This group is fun, supportive, and encouraging! We always have a blast at dinner and it's a great way to start each new work week.

Here is everyone at our Thanksgiving dinner this past fall - (Eric, the one in red on the far left, started Family Dinner, but has since moved to Colorado. Dustin was kind enough to photoshop him in for the picture. ;-) )

Huy is one of our "family" members. He is also a fraternity brother of Jason and was a groomsmen in our wedding. Sadly, this last weekend was his last in Houston for awhile. :-( He is moving to Saudi Arabia for a great work opportunity. We celebrated his going away with an amazing Vietnamese dinner this past weekend.

Here is Jason, Huy, and Dustin - Sigma Nu fraternity brothers from the Colorado School of Mines.

We are going to miss you Huy!!

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