Sunday, February 5, 2012

Club 300 Ride

This morning was the annual invite-only ride for Club 300 members of the MS 150 and their guests in Fayetteville.

Club 300 are the top 300 fundraisers for the ride. The minimum was somewhere around $6000. I snuck in as number #295 raising just over $6400 last year. (Want to help me reach Club 300 again? Visit my donation site here. I am already halfway!!)

The ride was another windy one and cold! (I was glad for the cold because it meant I got to wear my awesome new Lululemon jacket below!)

Jason was not thrilled. I tried to convince him all this wind would be great base training for later... (poor guy has had wind every ride since he started!) He was not buying it.

We finished the ride though and enjoyed some yummy chili before heading back to Houston.

Along the way we stopped in Ellington at a place called Hruska, a Czech bakery with amazing kolaches.

There are a lot of Czech settlers in the Texas hill country. And Hruska is my grandmother's maiden name!! I'd like to think they might be some distant relatives or something- you never know!

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