Saturday, February 18, 2012

Story of a Ring

I decided awhile back that I would like to have a second wedding band, matching my original, in order for me to wear just the two wedding bands and leave my engagement ring at home. It's a lot easier to do cycling, running, etc. without having the engagement ring on, but I didn't want to be without anything. Plus I like the idea of stacking the three rings and in the future I would like to hand down my engagement ring and the two wedding bands would look better than just one.

We decided to investigate finding a matching wedding band like my original and were thrilled to discover that Helzberg had one. In the entire company. Apparently they stopped making the Bondanza line of rings and only one remained. And at half price! The store offered to ship the ring to our location for me to consider purchasing at no cost. Jason and I went and looked at the ring and decided to go ahead and purchase it.

So I flip back and forth between wearing just the wedding bands, all three bands, my traditional engagement ring/wedding band. Until a couple weeks ago...I was driving home from Bible study and playing with my rings. Unfortunately as I did so, the duplicate wedding band fell behind the steering wheel of my car. Yes, you read that correctly.

I got home and spent he next 30 min before my husband arrived frantically trying to move the steering wheel and see if I could locate the ring. I was unable. When my husband came home I decided to take a round about way in telling him of the little mishap...

Me: So, um, hi honey. I was just wondering, what does the inside of the steering wheel look like in the Lexus? I mean, like behind the dash and stuff? Wouldn't it be really awesome to know that? I've been thinking about it a lot lately - let's take it off and see what it looks like. Isn't that a great idea?

Jason [eyeing me suspiciously...]: No, Darcy, I don't think it's a great idea... why do you want to see behind the steering wheel?

Me [starting to panic]: Well, um, sweetie, there um, might be a ring lost somewhere behind the steering wheel.

Jason: WHAT?!?!?!

Me: I didn't mean to! I was just playing with my rings and it sort of fell. Behind the steering wheel I think. I already looked everywhere else in the car and tried to see behind the steering wheel and couldn't find it. We might have to take it apart this weekend...oh, hey, but I got you a cupcake! (I hand over the Ooh La La cupcake incredibly grateful I purchased before the incident to use now in my defense)

Jason: Did you buy the cupcake before or after you lost the ring Darcy? You know I have better things to do this weekend than take apart your car.

Darcy [sheepishly hangs head and frowns]: I know. I'm sorry. I was just trying to increase the value of the car!

Jason: Wrong answer. Go to your room.

That was two weeks ago. We've been incredibly busy since then and haven't gotten a chance to take the car apart to find the ring. I did however remove a couple panels to assist in the search.

Me: Jason, I took off a couple panels and still couldn't locate the ring. I stopped when I saw wires attached and didn't know what to do from there.

Jason: How did you take it apart?

Me: I used my super strength to pull the panels off. Hopefully none of them broke. What the heck do you mean, "How did I take it apart?" I know how to use a screwdriver you know! I'm also an engineer.

Jason: Well, you don't seem to be making brilliant choices recently regarding the car. Just thought I'd ask.

Today Jason kindly changed my spark plugs, my oil, and searched for my missing ring... Success!!

I pointed out to him that it didn't take very long and I did half the work by taking off the panels. That was when he gave me this look and said I was lucky. He's probably right...

Back where they should be! :-)

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