Wednesday, February 1, 2012

17 Boxes of Cereal

I posted this picture on my Facebook Monday night -

There was a great sale at Kroger and I took advantage of it! I have to admit [sheepishly] I was that gal...

I did four different transactions... In my defense I separated out both the orders AND their respective coupons so it would move quickly. I also warned people that came up behind me and let three or four people go ahead of me.

Why four transactions? You are only allowed to use up to three coupons per like item. This means I could only use three post great grains coupons in one transaction. I had a stack of coupons for this cereal- $1.25 off 1 box. A fabulous coupon! This sale had those at $1.99, making them only $0.75.

So I ended up buying 17 boxes of cereal Monday night. A little extreme probably considering it's just the two of us at home...

I love the Lord's timing! Not 20 min after I got home did I receive an email that our church has two families new to Houston and we need to stack their pantry.

I hope they like cereal!!  :-)

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