Monday, February 13, 2012

Friendship Brunch

This past Saturday was our church's annual Friendship Brunch. It's a wonderful event that I've come to cherish and look forward to every spring!

This year I co-hosted a table with my friend Meredith. (The previous two years I worked registration for the Friendship Brunch and was unable to host.) The hostess(es) are responsible for bringing the china, serving ware, and table decorations. It's amazing to see the variety of tables and themes!

Meredith and I chose to go simple this year. It was her first Friendship Brunch and I was flying back from Atlanta on Friday when we needed to go setup our table. We definitely had the best table though. ;-)

Our speaker was author and blogger Leigh McElroy. She spoke about how God is real to us today. She referred a lot to John, which was wonderful since that's what we are currently studying in WOW.

The sanctuary was full with amazing ladies and gorgeous tables!

Here's our fabulous table!

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