Monday, March 5, 2012


Jason and I are ordering pizza for dinner. Or Chinese. Something with no effort required. We are both exhausted from this past weekend!

Jason noticed in Friday afternoon that Discount Tire failed to tighten the lug nuts on his new tires and even noticed one missing! Jason has a personal vendetta with lug nuts from an experience back in college...

It was our one year anniversary dating and Jason had planned a romantic evening of dinner and dance lessons. On our way home after the dance lesson we noticed that Jason's lifted truck was making an odd sound. He slowed down to ~10 MPH and we watched in amazement as the front left wheel bounced off the truck. Yes, you read that correctly, the wheel came off the truck.

We got out to investigate (and obviously move the tire out of the road) while Jason consulted with his dad on what to do. He suggested going ahead and moving it out of the traffic lane by driving lopsided- the damage had already been done.

As we got in the car and buckled up I looked in the rear view mirror and screamed. Despite having our hazards on there was a truck behind us that was not slowing down. Bam. We got rear ended. Let's just say it was a memorable evening we won't ever forget, Jason is a fan of locking lug nuts now, and that was the first time I'd ever seen Jason angry (trust me, it's rare).

So Jason spent the weekend fixing the lug nuts and then taking apart the engine. And no those two things are not related. He just took advantage of me being out of town to get a lot of work done!

And he is still working on it as I type this...

My weekend was a little more relaxing but still long. I was blessed to attend our church's women's retreat in Round Top, Tx. It's a beautiful small town out in the hill country.

The weekend was filled with laughter, lessons, and new friendships over delicious pie at Royer's, rounds of Banana-grams, and a heartfelt look at Jonah and God's plan for his life.

Nicole Unice was our speaker and she was vivacious and humorous. She did a great job discussing Jonah- all of Jonah (since normally chapter 4 is left out of children's stories).

Here are some of the key takeaways I got this weekend:
-God is going to accomplish His purpose with or without me
-God is relentlessly pursuing us and our call to serve Him
-What are your Tarshish's (things/places/people you run to for escape) and your Nineveh's (the things/places/people we run from that are so bad we want to turn away from God)?
-If you miss a turn on your path, God is great at placing another intersection along the way for you
-Trust God in the storm and surrender to His will for your life instead of asking Him to fulfill the plans you've made for your life

On my way home I stopped in Bellville and got in a 46 mile ride. It was a beautiful weekend and I enjoyed being out in God's creation reflecting on the lessons I had learned over the weekend.

Now I'm exhausted and about to start looking at take out menus...

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