Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Last Year of the 20's

A couple weeks ago I celebrated my 29th birthday – the last year that I can proudly claim to be in my 20’s. ;-)

My mom was in town for my birthday, which was wonderful. I got to celebrate with her and my amazing family. We cooked a favorite meal of mine (chicken sausage and rice a roni from the States – high class, I know) and spent the evening relaxing.

Jason and Madi got me the most previous gift – a book that Jason intends to use for future birthdays, Mother’s Days and other special occasions to put letters, pictures, etc. from Madi. She drew on the first pages for me. It was so thoughtful and precious.

The day after my birthday my mom took us out to dinner downtown and then let Jason and I have a movie date night. It was truly a wonderful birthday!

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