Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Parties 2014

It seems like Christmas parties are getting earlier and earlier in Norway! They don't have Thanksgiving so it's perfectly acceptable to throw Christmas parties in November!

The first was Jason's Baker group dinner downtown Stavanger. Our friend Kara was a trooper and watched Madi for us that evening - and since the dinner didn't start until 9:00 pm, we kept her up late!

The following weekend we had the ConocoPhillips party. We left our church Thanksgiving early to attend and regretted it immediately. The food was mediocre, the entertainment all in Norwegian, and the drinks were being served a bit too slowly for our liking. Nevertheless, we got a chance to visit with some friends and get fancied up, which is always fun!

Sunday a week ago, Baker Hughes had a family day at Kongeparken, a kid's amusement-type park. We had a blast walking around together, riding the train and carousel, and Madi was in heaven when she discovered the chocolate-covered marshmallows for dessert!

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