Friday, December 26, 2014

Our Christmas Tree

This year we got to do something we haven't done before - we went to pick out our very own Christmas tree at Raege Juletregard! It was a cute place with lots of trees and warm glogg and cookies for us to snack on.

When we went to pick out the tree in late November, we had sunshine and clear skies. We put a tag on our tree and then went back to get it the second week in December. Of course when we went to pick it up, the weather was rainy and super cold so I'm glad we took pictures when we picked it out! :-)

We kept pointing at trees and asking Madi "What about this one?" She kept saing "Nei." Finally, after getting tired of this routine, I finally gave her an ultimatum. I said "Okay Madi, do you want this guy or that guy?" pointing at two different trees. Without missing a beat, Madi pointed at the second one and said "That guy". Whaatttt???? We busted up laughing and of course had to get that tree. :-)

Now our tree is sitting beautifully in our living room. We don't have lights or a lot of ornaments, but the ornaments we do have are from the many different countries we've visited or special ones from Madi's first Christmas. We love it and wouldn't change a thing about "that guy". ;-)

Merry Christmas!

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