Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Card 2014

We ordered Christmas cards a bit early this year so that my mom could bring them when she came to visit for Thanksgiving. (Hence, there is no twin announcement included!)

I used the same company, GotPrint, that I've used for the last three years to order cards and birth announcements. I absolutely love them and they are so cheap compared to other sites! The caveat being that there are no pre-made templates of any kind - you download a totally blank template and are left to your creative juices for designing the entire thing. So far I think they've worked out well doing them that way, but we will see how full my hands will be come next year! :-)

This year I chose to do a postcard, front and back, with pictures of our adventures in 2014.  I included a half-page update in the cards since we didn't do text this year.

The scanned copy I used doesn't do the cards justice at all - they are glossy and crystal clear. I would highly recommend them for those willing to brave the design software to create their own (I used Adobe Illustrator).

Here are some of the other GotPrint successes I've had -
Christmas card 2013
Madi's birth announcement
Christmas card 2011

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