Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This year my mom was able to come and spend my birthday and Thanksgiving with us! It was such a treat to have her here for both. J

Lots of people asked if we did a Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday after work. We didn’t – it would have been too much to try and coordinate plus we had two other amazing opportunities for Thanksgiving meals!

The first was the Sunday before Thanksgiving – the Stauzenberger’s hosted a Friendsgiving celebration with some of us. It was wonderful to try fried turkey for the first time and have some amazing traditional American Thanksgiving foods!

Here’s our crew (minus my mom who was sweet enough to take the picture for us and then refused to take one with Jason, Madi, and I – mmmhmmm Mom, I am calling you out for that!)

And the kiddos! Madi wasn’t too thrilled about being set on the sofa since we had to turn off Peppa Pig for a picture – next time, we’ll leave it on! ;-)

The other Thanksgiving celebration was the church, NSBC, celebration, held the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately we had to sneak away early to make the ConocoPhillips Christmas party (and in retrospect I wish we had stayed at the Thanksgiving celebration!).

I forgot to snap any pictures at the wonderful event, but I did manage to get one of Grandma and Madi before we headed off to our party and they spent the remainder of the evening engrossed in Peppa Pig (have I mentioned Madi is obsessed with that show??)

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