Monday, December 22, 2014

Big Sister Reveal Photos

A few weeks ago I entered a contest on Facebook for a local photographer, Lineik Photography, who was giving away a Child's Mini Session. I was thrilled when I won and knew exactly what I wanted to use the session for - big sister reveal photos.

I tentatively emailed Lineik and asked her about an expiration date on the session, spilling the beans that we were hoping to use it for a big sister reveal, but needed to get pregnant first! She said our secret was safe and we had six months so not to worry about it expiring. She was quite surprised when just a few weeks later I emailed her to schedule a session! :-)

We were able to get in the first week in December, before we found out the news of twins. We found Madi's facial expressions to be perfect to use in our reveal later though. We had lots of great photos to choose from in our session.

Lineik, the photographer, was flexible with us on meeting time and setup, but also brought her own suggestions of things to do or incorporate. She also was able to recommend someone here in Norway who could do the embroidery on Madi's onesie at a comparable cost to the States. She was very professional and efficient in getting us the proofs and the final edited images once we'd chosen our favorites. She was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend her to others in the Stavanger-area!

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