Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Teacher Gifts

I remember being in elementary school and my mom and I making batches upon batches of fudge to give to teachers, pastors, friends, and bring to Christmas gatherings. My mom is a fudge pro and while I did good making fudge for a couple years after Jason and I got married, I haven't carried through her enthusiasm like I hope to one day.

Being here in Norway, I wouldn't dream of making our fudge recipe... We don't have a microwave big enough and high enough wattage (yes, it's a microwave fudge recipe), it's hard to come by condensed milk, and honestly, a bag of chocolate chips here runs about $10-15 (if you can find them) so you are talking a pretty pricey batch of fudge!

However, I still wanted to do something for Madi's teachers at barnehage. It was a bit simple, but I haven't had a lot of energy lately to do much so I was glad to get something made for them! :-)

I also intended to get pictures of Madi handing them to her teachers, but I forgot and then Madi started screaming because she didn't want to go home with me. Guess she really loves her time at barnehage. ;-)

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