Thursday, November 20, 2014

Madi: 17 Months

This month has been a lot of fun and learning for Mommy and Daddy! We have always known how smart you are, but are starting to see it daily in the things you do and say. You also really like to do things yourself - you want to help with dinner, go get the diaper for a diaper change, and brush your own teeth like Mommy and Daddy. It's so fun to have you "helping" us around the house.

A couple weeks ago we were wrestling with you for a diaper change and you started shouting at us "nei nei nei nei nei". (For those of you who aren't fluent in Norwegian, "nei" means "no". It's basically Madi's new favorite word. ;-) ) You even shake your head no at the same time you say it so we know you understand!

We also realized you were asking for "va" when you wanted water. We think you are trying to say "vann", the Norwegian word for water. Barnehage has said you are doing really well understanding them and I think that's spilling over for us to witness!

In addition to your speaking Norwegian, we've also had a boom in two word sentences. The best were when we were Christmas tree shopping and you said "nei" to every tree we pointed at. Finally, in frustration, I said "Madi, we need to pick a tree. Do you want this guy (motioning to a tree) or that guy (motioning to a different tree) and you pointed at the second one and said "that guy!". We busted up laughing!

The next day you were asking for something and we didn't understand what. I asked you to show me what you wanted and you go "show me" and then proceeded to take me to what you were asking for. It's truly amazing to see you understanding so much and interacting with us!

Your favorite things this month are marshmallows and Peppa. You ask for a "mashama" and walk over to the cabinet where they are hidden. We asked Grandma to bring us one bag when she visits this weekend and rumor has it she bought you four...

You are also obsessed with Peppa Pig! It got us through the hours of flights to Spain for the WRC rally and you ask for it every night. We are limiting how much you watch, but it's so hard to resist you when you ask for Peppa so adorably. ;-)

Bedtime has gotten so much better this month. You still don't want to read our bedtime books, but you are snuggling up with Mommy or Daddy and letting us sing to you. We snuggle for 5-10 minutes and then ask if you are ready to go to bed. Sometimes you point at the bed and sometimes you say "nei", shake your head, and lay back down on us for a few more minutes. This is a welcome change from the bedtime screaming we had for so long the past couple of months!

Okay last one... this is my favorite :-)

Sometimes during those bedtime snuggles you lift your head up, look right at us, and say "hi" in this happy and sweet and content voice and then just snuggle back into us. It's soooo precious and I cherish those moments! You do it during the day too (just say hi to us in that sweet voice), but for some reason the bedtime one just gets me. You sure know how to melt our hearts baby girl!

We love you Madison Rose!
Mommy and Daddy

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