Tuesday, December 20, 2011

At least they aren't pastel!

I make Christmas cards every year. And I do those incredibly corny update ones with pictures and all- and I love it!

Well this year between work and my computer crashing and having to learn a Mac and adobe, I barely got cards designed and ordered.

I waited anxiously for them to arrive, stalking UPS, worried they might not arrive before we leave.

They arrived tonight! And I knew I'd need to fold them. I did not know I needed envelopes!! :-(

A run to two different walmarts at 10:30 tonight, a wonderful and helping husband, and the cards are now stuffed, sealed, and stamped.

I was only able to get white envelopes that are too big for the card. Oh well. If I hadn't gone to the second walmart they'd be pastel colored!

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